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MARCH 14 AND 15: Final Seminar Of the EAPN-ES Research on Access to Minimum Basic Income (IMV)

  • The European Network Against Poverty and Social Exclusion in Spain (EAPN-ES) is organizing the Final Seminar of the project Acceso Vital, to be held on March 14 and 15 at the Casa del Lector (Paseo de la Chopera, 14, Arganzuela, 28045 Madrid).

The Acceso Vital project is a research initiative developed by EAPN-ES with the aim of contributing to reverse the process of Non Take-Up (NTU) of people eligible for the Minimum Vital Income (IMV), through a strategy of intensive accompaniment that mobilizes these people to apply for and obtain the benefit to which they are entitled by right.

The pilot research was launched in 2022 and the purpose of this seminar is to share the results and knowledge generated throughout the research, contrasting it with peers at the European level.

It is also the aim of the event to propose concrete measures to improve access to IMV, as well as useful reflections and proposals for the different actors involved, including the competent administrations in this field.   

On the first day of the seminar, Thursday 14, evidence-based public policies and social innovation will be discussed in the context of the Acceso Vital research initiatives. This project is one of the 34 pilot initiatives that have been developed in Spain for the deployment of inclusion itineraries linked to the Minimum Vital Income and that have had an RCT (randomized control trial methodology) evaluation.

On the same day, a round table will be held on research on the “Non-Take-Up” at European level, which will address different studies on the coverage gap.

Friday 15th will focus on the analysis, results of the study, challenges and proposals on the Non-Take-Up phenomenon, i.e. the gap in access to benefits.

You can participate in the seminar online.

The capacity is limited, so it is necessary to register at this LINK


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